The Noah's Ark 2020 Council

July 25, 2020 – ANET Services launched a new program called The Noah’s Ark 2020.  Xiaoqing Zhou, the founder and owner of ANET Services, LLC announced it on social medial LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. It called for humanity and unity to better serve all people over the world. As a united society, we have the rights to modernize our lives and broaden the future of our children with innovative technologies.

United We Stand. One Nation Under The God. One World On The Earth.

Noah Ark Golden Rule One - Aug 10 2020

We have very restrict standard to select our candidates for The Noah’s Ark 2020 program. The following entities are identified to provide candidates for it.

100 Gold Candidates

50 Country Gold Candidates
(1 or more candidate each)

1. United States (美国): 10 candidates
2. China (中国): 10 candidates
3. Israel (以色列) : 1 candidate
4. India (印度) : 1 candidate
5. Japan (日本) : 1 candidate
6. South Korea (南韩) : 1 candidate
7. Brazil (巴西) : 1 candidate

50 Organization Gold Candidates
(1 candidate each)

  1. Bank of America (美国银行)
  2. Bank of China (中国银行)
  3. Synnex Corporation(美国新聚思公司)
  4. China Railway Group Limited (中国中铁股份有限公司)
  5. Israel Water Authority (以色列水利部)
  6. Peking University (北京大学)
  7. University of Science and Technology of China (中国科学技术大学)
  8. George Mason University (乔治梅森大学)
  9. Pennsylvania State University(宾夕法尼亚州立大学)
  10. China Ministry of Public Security (中华人民共和国公安部)
  11. China Sichuan University (中国四川大学)
  12. China Construction Bank Corporation (中国建设银行)
  13. China Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. (中国交通银行)
  14. ADP, LLC (USA)
  15. United Bank (USA)
  16. TBD (USA)
  17. Synovus Bank (USA)
  18. China Department of the Treasury (中国财政部)
  19. China Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development(中国住房和城乡建设部)
  20. China Ministry of Education (中国教育部)
  21. China Ministry of Environmental Protection (中国生态环境部)
  22. China Mobile (中国移动)
  23. U.S. Department of the Interior
  24. U.S. Department of Transportation
  25. U.S. Department of Energy
  26. T-Mobile
  27. American Automobile Association
  28. 北大青鸟集团(Beida Jade Bird Group)
  29. 联想集团(Lenovo Group)
  30. 深圳华为技术有限公司(Hua Wei)
  31. Microsoft (微软)
  32. Amazon (亚马逊)
  33. Google (谷歌)
  34. 中华人民共和国交通运输部
  35. 中国电力 (China Power)
  36. 阿里巴巴 (Alibaba Group)
  37. 腾讯 (Tencent)
  38. 抖音 (TikTok)
  39. Zoom Video Communications, Inc.
  40. U.S. Department of Defense (美国国防部)
  41. U.S. Department of Homeland Security (美国国土安全部)
  42. U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (美国航空航天部)
  43. U.S. General Services Administration (美国行政事务管理局)
  44. U.S. Department of Agriculture (美国农业部)
  45. Siemens (西门子)
  46. Samsung Group (三星集团)