Anet Service Plus

October 26, 2020 – ANET, a limited liability company based in Fairfax, Virginia, USA,  launched a new program called Anet Services Plus. Xiaoqing Zhou, the founder, owner and Chief Executive Officer of ANET Services, LLC presented this program in a meeting and then further enhanced it with some updates. This program is related to another ANET program called The Noah’s Ark 2020. Both Anet Service Plus program and The Noha’s Ark 2020 program are owned by ANET Services, LLC.

  • Vision: Everyone lives a happy, safe, healthy and green life.
  • Mission: Accelerate everyone’s transition to a united world.
  • Goal: Protect Private Owner, Human Rights and Personal Privacy All The Time!
  • Service Start Point: Virginia, United States of America
  • Service Area: Global

ANET服务需求表 (ANET Service Request Form)

具体ANET服务内容请与中国移动客户服务电话联系。(Please contact China Mobile Customer Service for details.)

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